28, Feb 2024
Piqiu Reveals SumaiL’s Dining Dilemma During His Stint with Team Aster

Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan, the current mid-laner for Nigma Galaxy, spent a few months in China as a part of Team Aster in 2023. His tenure with Team Aster was a part of a loan agreement and a rather strange one at that as SumaiL doesn’t speak any Chinese dialect. Team Aster’s former captain, Yu “皮球” Yajun (Pronounced as Piqui) revealed some difficulties that SumaiL faced during his time with the Chinese team that mainly concerned food and cuisine. Piqui also revealed why Team Aster was looking to disband following its failure at The International 2023 qualifiers.

Piqiu Sheds Light on SumaiL’s Food Dilemma At Aster

Team Aster’s former captain Piqui left the team earlier this week amidst rumors of disbandment and has now resorted to streaming. During one of his recent streams, Piqui revealed that SumaiL faced a lot of difficulty regarding food when he was a part of the team. 

According to translation and transcription provided by the YouTube channel, Piqui said, “Brother Su [Sumail] can’t even get enough to eat at the base every day, and you still expect him to perform well? We [Team Aster players] ate at 12 pm, he had to eat at 2 pm. We ate at 6 pm, he ate at 8 pm. If I were him, I would have flipped the table already. So, Brother Su doesn’t eat alone.“

Brother Su… In Our China.. He doesn’t eat the food prepared by the cook at our base, so he can only order takeout. The takeout order takes one to two hours to arrive. So, it turns out we eat at 12 pm and he eats at 2 pm. And Brother Su, can’t stand eating McDonalds or KFC every day. It’s really disturbing,” he added.

Piqui also noted that SumaiL has been playing well recently and revealed that before Team Aster disbanded, the team was playing scrim games against Nigma Galaxy. However, he added that Nigma Galaxy’s Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi isn’t as impressive as before based on the scrim games.

Piqui Reveals The Events That Led To Team Aster’s ‘Supposed Disbandment’

Piqui also interestingly claimed that Team Aster was planning a disbandment after failing to qualify for The International 2023. After this Piqui reportedly urged the management to try for two more months but Ye “BoBoKa” Zhibiao and Lin “Xxs” Jing left the team. According to Piqui, Team Aster was created only for BoBoKa and Xxs. Therefore with the two players leaving, there was no further reason to continue the team and hence it was disbanded.

Readers should note that Team Aster has not confirmed the disbandment of the team and the news of Team Aster’s disbandment still remains speculative. However, Piqui’s strong stance on Team Aster’s disbandments makes us question if the team has disbanded behind the scenes.

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