28, Feb 2024
Bach Reveals His Name Change Is a Nod To N0tail and Ceb

Zhang “Bach” Ruida, previously known as Faith_bian, revealed the reason behind his name change. According to Faith_bian himself, the name change was mostly inspired by his Dota 2 peers, Johan “N0tail” Sundstein and Sébastien “Ceb” Debs. Faith_bian’s admiration and love for piano and German composer Johan Sebastian Bach is well-known in the community. Since N0tail’s real name is Johan and Ceb’s real name is Sebastien, he concluded that he should be Bach, so the trio together becomes “Johann Sebastian Bach.

Faith_Bian’s Ingenious & Wholesome Reason Behind Name Change to Bach

On 27th February, Azure Ray’s Bach aka Faith_bian revealed why he decided to change his in-game name to Bach from the widely known name of Faith_bian. This name change took place when Bach came out of retirement and joined Azure Ray as its new offlaner. 

Faith_bian said, “I like the composer Bach very much. Before I joined the Monkey Business hub show of OG… N0tail’s name was Johan and Ceb’s name was Sebastien. So the combo there is Johan Sebastian Bach. So I was like ‘Okay then I will be Bach right now’.

AR.Bach made his admiration for the composer known via OG’s Monkey Business podcast last year. He revealed that his lifelong dream was to perform this masterpiece called the Goldberg Variation which is a Bach composition. He expressed his desire to play the piece saying, “I wish I could play it after maybe after 20 years or 30 years. I can’t play it. It’s a very hard piece. Every best pianist respects it and wants to play it.

While there was no official statement behind the motivation for this name change after almost a decade of donning his original ID, fans initially speculated that Bach may have changed his name to pay tribute to German composer and musician Johann Sebastian Bach. This new revelation has not only confirmed that but has certainly added a lot more to the ingenuity behind his name change. He has honored not just his musical idol but also his Dota 2 peers, Ceb and N0tail.

BetBoom Dacha 2024 and DreamLeague Season 22. Sadly, Azure Ray barely missed out on qualifying for the ESL One Birmingham 2024 as it lost the spot to G2.iG. Notably, Azure Ray also participated in the Games of the Future 2024 which was held offline in Kazan, Russia. 

Azure Ray seems to be sailing in the middle of the pack currently and Bach seems to have not lost his touch in Dota 2. Azure Ray secured a commendable fourth standing at the BetBoom Dacha 2024 Dubai. AR finished the Games of the Future tournament with a modest 5th-8th standing after being knocked out by Xtreme Gaming. 

Currently, Azure Ray is on the verge of elimination and will most likely exit the DreamLeague Season 22 tournament. However, in a final attempt at qualifying for the next phase of the group stage, Azure Ray will play Virtus.pro later today on 28th February. Stay tuned with AFK Gaming for the latest buzz and updates.

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