26, Feb 2024
Timado Says Tundra Kicked Him For Pure at the Last Minute

During the ongoing DreamLeague Season 22 Dota 2 commentator and analyst Neal “Tsunami” Khandheria got a chance to interview the new stand-in OG carry Enzo “Timado” Gianoli. In the interview, Tsunami, as curious as everyone else, inquired how Timado came about to join OG. Answering this, Timado shed some light on the events that transpired after his leave from Tundra, ultimately leading him to join OG.

The new OG roster with Timado onboard seems stronger than ever. On day 1 of the tournament, OG went head to head against G2.iG and Azure Ray, winning the series against G2.iG and ending in a draw against Azure Ray.

They Kicked Me For Pure,” Says Timado

I was gonna be on the new roster of Tundra but at the last minute they kicked me for Pure,” said Timado, the new OG carry while addressing what happened with Tundra. 

The former Tundra and TSM player talked to Dota 2 commentator analyst Tsunami and also shed light on how he came about to join OG as its new carry. He said, “I was teamless and I was just like playing pubs, stuffs, you know? Just trying to stay in shape and seeing what comes up. I got a message from Ari [position four player for OG]. He was like ‘We’re looking for carry options you know? I suggested to the team that we should play with you.’ And then I talked to Ceb and stuff you know? And we got on the same page and then we started playing together. That was two weeks ago.

Notably, this also marks the first time in three years that Timado is playing with a new roster as he was a part of Team Undying in 2021 and was signed by TSM. Later when TSM disbanded, Team Undying was picked up by Tundra in 2023. Timado, on this matter, said that OG was amazing and everyone was top-tier. He also added that he had never been in such a fun team as OG.

The difference in Dota 2 playstyle is known to vary from region to region. Timado, who was largely a part of North American teams in his career, said that this move to OG, an European organization, was taking some time to get used to.

This was largely because of the difference in drafting styles, and different concepts of the North American region compared to European regions. He also added that the European Dota 2 scene had a lot more freedom which allowed Timado to be himself and help him grow as a Dota 2 player.

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