26, Feb 2024
Qojqva and Kiyotaka Trash Talk Each Other During a Game

Let’s be honest in high-tier Dota 2 tempers often flare, and the keyboard becomes a weapon just as sharp as any in-game arsenal. This was precisely the case in a recent Dota 2 ranked match that saw Team Liquid’s streamer Max “qojqva” Bröcker and 9Pandas’ Gleb “kiyotaka” Zyryanov lock horns in a verbal duel that was anything but friendly. The match, which had all the makings of a typical high-tier game, quickly devolved into a spectacle of insults and trash talk

qojqva and kiyotaka Engage in an Ugly Trash Talk

It all began 30 minutes into the game, in a moment that seemed innocuous enough: qojqva, piloting Morphling for Dire, and kiyotaka, commanding Invoker for Radiant, found themselves in a skirmish. qojqva’s simple “?” in all chat after evading a solo kill attempt by kiyotaka was the spark that ignited an inferno of words. The situation escalated when kiyotaka’s teammates converged to successfully take down qojqva, followed by a sarcastic smiley in all chat from kiyotaka, fanning the flames of conflict.

qojqva was quick to respond by remarking “Sadly u have a team, I do not.” But kiyotaka countered by questioning qojqva’s game sense and calling him “garbage.” The exchange deteriorated rapidly from there, with both players trading insults that ranged from personal attacks to critiques of each other’s gameplay.

Tommy “Taiga” Le, qojqva’s former Team Liquid teammate, attempted to mediate, urging kiyotaka to calm down, only to be met with further provocations. Qojqva went on to make remarks about kiyotaka’s supposed low priority (LP) status in the game and poor decision-making saying, “Arc warden Low priority player talking.” and said “Lay off the baking. Your brain getting clouded lil bro, not good for you”

This was met with ridicule about qojqva’s recent drop in rankings. Kiyotaka, who boasted a significant climb from rank 500 to 110, seemed to take particular delight in highlighting qojqva’s fall to rank 121. Kiyotaka said, “Lone druid player talk about heroes? XD,” and added, “Garbage laugh about my rank 2 weeks ago but now lower rank XD.

The altercation provided a backdrop to an intense game, with each jab adding more weight to the virtual blows being exchanged in the match. It was clear that the history between these two players, marked by previous encounters and a growing rivalry, had reached a boiling point.

The game concluded with kiyotaka’s team claiming victory, a win made all the more bitter for qojqva who, in a moment of frustration, disconnected before the game officially ended. This act of rage quitting served as the final note in a symphony of discord that played out for viewers on qojqva’s Twitch stream and for players in the game.

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