26, Feb 2024
MinD_ContRoL Presents Tier List for DreamLeague Season 22 Teams

The DreamLeague Season 22 will pit the best teams from around the world against one another and it remains to be seen which teams will come out on top following the release of the new patch. Tundra Esports’ offlaner Ivan “MinD_ContRoL” Ivanov prepared a tier list based on his understanding of the teams competing. The Tundra Esports offlaner placed a considerable focus on how the event’s online format would fit particular teams, and so based his evaluations on that. MinD_ContRoL also clarified that his ratings are not based on his evaluation of the overall team; rather, they are based on how he expects them to perform in DreamLeague Season 22.

MinD_ContRoL’s tier list for all 16 teams in DreamLeague Season 22

Tundra Esports’ YouTube channel posted a video featuring MinD_ContRoL and Admir “lizZard” Salkanović talking about the tier list for DreamLeague Season 22.

  • S Tier – Team Liquid, Team Falcons, and Team Spirit

  • Between S and A Tier – BetBoom Team and Gaimin Gladiators

  • A Tier – OG, Virtus.pro, Xtreme Gaming, Tundra Esports, and Azure Ray

  • B Tier – Heroic and Team Secret

  • C Tier – Shopify Rebellion

  • D Tier – G2.iG and 1win

  • E Tier – Aurora

BetBoom Team – Placed between the S and A tiers after finishing third at BetBoom Dacha Dubai. According to MinD_ContRoL, the team is having troubles with its carry Egor “Nightfall” Grigorenko in the game.

Shopify Rebellion – Placed in the C tier. Once again, according to MinD_ContRoL, much of the onus is on the carry Artour “Arteezy” Babaev, who has been grinding in pubs, to determine how well the squad will do.

G2.iG – Placed in the D tier for DreamLeague Season 22 only because MinD_ContRoL thought the squad would be exhausted after playing in Games of the Future 2024, which came to a close a day before DreamLeague.

Aurora – Placed in the E tier since it is not fielding its original five-man lineup.

1win – Placed in the D tier adjacent to G2.iG, however, MinD_ContRoL stated that given the squad’s inexperience, it may easily go to the B tier if things go well, or even to the F tier if they do not.

Azure Ray – Placed in B tier since MinD_ContRoL believes the team performs well in LAN events, but DreamLeague Season 22 is an online tournament.

OG – Placed in A tier because of MinD_ContRoL’s considerable experience playing against the squad in scrims and qualifiers and the team’s tendency to thrive under pressure.

Virtus.pro – Placed in the A tier because MinD_ContRoL stated that the team is motivated and would work hard in the event, with the potential to achieve better because it is an online event.

Team Liquid – Placed in the S tier because, despite consistent second place results, this team has performed admirably over the last year.

Xtreme Gaming – Placed in the A tier alongside Virtus.pro, MinD_ContRoL perceives the team as possessing an unpredictable factor and displaying skill. However, he mentioned that its carry player, Wang “Ame” Chunyu, has yet to return to his peak.

Team Secret – Placed in the B tier due to the efforts in recent weeks by its players in pubs, despite the team’s poor results. MinD_ContRoL did, however, say that Secret may slip further if things do not go as planned.

Gaimin Gladiators – Placed between the S and A tiers, MinD_ContRoL feels that despite the team’s competence and excellent results, the players are still “salty” about the close defeats it has suffered since The International 12 (TI12), which, if repeated, will make them tilt even further.

Team Falcons – Placed in the S tier, MinD_ContRoL asserts that the team’s credentials have significantly improved following its victory at BetBoom Dacha Dubai 2024.

Heroic – Placed in the B tier, owing to the uncertainty of how the squad would perform and its strong performance in the DreamLeague Season 22 qualifier.

Team Spirit – Placed in the S tier, MinD_ContRoL mentioned that the only possible reason for the team’s failure could be fatigue.

Tundra Esports – Placed in the A tier, MinD_ContRoL noted that the team did well during the last qualifier. However, due to its recent break, he finds it challenging to accurately gauge Tundra’s current strength.

It will be intriguing to observe how DreamLeague Season 22’s final rankings align with MinD_ContRoL’s predictions. The player has largely leaned towards safer placements while also including notable exceptions like G2.IG being placed in the D tier.

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