26, Feb 2024
MinD_ContRoL Kicked Out of Tundra Minutes Before a Match

Update: Tundra Esports has indefinitely suspended Ivan “MinD_ContRoL” Ivanov following an internal disciplinary investigation. The suspension awaits the investigation’s outcome. Tundra stated that MinD_ContRoL refused to participate or represent the team unless his unspecified, deemed unreasonable demands were met.

In a move that has left the Dota 2 community reeling, Ivan “MinD_ContRoL” Ivanov found himself unexpectedly ousted from Tundra Esports mere moments before a crucial match against Shopify Rebellion at the DreamLeague Season 22. This decision was all the more baffling given that MinD_ContRoL was the most recent addition to the Tundra lineup, having joined the team on January 8. The reasons behind this abrupt dismissal are still shrouded in mystery, sparking widespread speculation across various platforms.

The timing of MinD_ContRoL’s departure is particularly intriguing, coming just days after the appointment of Ludwig “zai” Wåhlberg as Tundra Esports’ General Manager. Some members of the online community have pointed to MinD_ContRoL’s less-than-stellar performance against Xtreme Gaming on the first day of the tournament as a potential factor. However, without an official statement from Tundra Esports, these theories remain speculative.

MinD_ContRoL’s Sudden Kick Shocks Dota 2 Community

MinD_ContRoL’s announcement of his sudden free agency via Twitter, just minutes before the match, initially appeared to be a hoax. However, the absence of MinD_ContRoL from the lineup against Shopify Rebellion confirmed the grim reality. Tundra Esports’ decision to replace him with Vladislav “laise” Lais from Team Klee, for the offlane position was an unexpected move that raised more questions than it answered.

Tundra’s performance did not suffer in the absence of MinD_ContRoL, culminating in a win in the first game of their best-of-two series against Shopify Rebellion. The second game is currently ongoing at the time of writing.

MinD_ContRoL’s tenure with Tundra Esports, although brief, was marked by significant achievements, including qualifying for both the DreamLeague Season 22 and ESL One Birmingham 2024. The team also came close to securing a spot in the BetBoom Dacha 2024 Dubai, narrowly missing out to OG. DreamLeague Season 22 was set to be MinD_ContRoL’s first major tournament with Tundra, and his enthusiasm for this new chapter in his career was palpable.

In an exclusive interview with AFK Gaming, MinD_ContRoL explained that having spent over eight years with Nigma Galaxy, he was looking forward to the fresh challenges and opportunities that Tundra Esports presented.

As the Dota 2 community awaits further developments, the lack of communication from Tundra Esports adds to the speculation and uncertainty surrounding MinD_ContRoL’s sudden exit. This story is still unfolding, and more details are expected to emerge as both parties eventually break their silence on the matter.

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