22, Feb 2024
Topson Advocates for a Ban Against Dota2ProTracker & Other Similar Apps

Two-time TI (The International) winner and Tundra Esports player Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen sat down for an interview with Dota 2 commentator Admir “lizZard” Salkanović and expressed his desire for Valve to ban Dota2ProTracker and other similar applications. According to Topson, having a website to track all the statistics would hinder the surprise element in professional games and should be banned.

Earlier, along with the Dragon’s Gift update, Valve banned many accounts that were using Overplus and other such applications after many requests from the Dota 2 community.

Topson Wants Dota2ProTracker Removed to Hide Builds

I wouldn’t mind if they all get removed [similar to Overplus]. I hope that they [Valve] remove Dota2ProTracker and everything like that so we can play on the main accounts and hide strategies,” said Topson in an interview with lizZard on the topic of Overplus and other similar apps. 

Further highlighting the main problem caused by applications such as Overplus and Dota2ProTracker, he added, “Now, everyone knows if someone makes a new build – one game, and the next day everyone knows about it. If you pick a hero and play it for 1-2 pubs, I’m sure everyone already knows about it.

Topson noted that before the existence of such websites, he could surprise his opponents with unconventional drafts and builds that would lead to an enjoyable win. He pointed out that doing that is no longer possible due to these websites.

Earlier, players would come up with unique and interesting builds for heroes and take their opponents by surprise. A select few of these builds include Dazzle with Desolator, Keeper of the Light with Spirit Vessel, and Dagon Rush amongst many others, or more famously Topson’s infamous Pugna mid that took the pro scene by storm.

Interestingly, the existence of these websites like Dota2ProTracker could very well be one of the biggest reasons that professional players leaned towards smurfing. By smurfing, pro players could successfully hide new builds and heroes they’re practicing for the upcoming tournaments and catch their opponents off guard and by surprise.

Edgar “9Class” Naltakian who joined Topson and lizZard opined that a VAC ban was a little bit too extreme although it’s good to see Valve taking action against Overplus users.

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