22, Feb 2024
No[o]ne- Says Dota 2 Meta Has Remained Largely Unchanged for Two Years

Despite a gradual yet steady set of Dota 2 patch releases over the last year by Valve, Entity’s midlaner Volodymyr “No[o]ne-” Minenko believes that the meta has remained largely unchanged for two years. During a recent Twitch livestream, No[o]ne- noted that although the 7.33 patch in April 2023 introduced significant changes to the map, mechanics, and heroes, they did not have a commensurate impact on the gameplay. Seeing how things played out after the patch, No[o]ne- said he knew that Team Spirit would continue to excel with it, given its slow paced playstyle. Team Spirit went on to win The International (TI12) which took place in October 2023.

No[o]ne- shares his thoughts on the development of the Dota 2 meta in the last two years

As No[o]ne- criticized the current status of the Dota 2 meta during the livestream, he pointed out that increasing the map size in 2023 did not affect the overall gameplay dynamics.

“Overall the patch is the same as it has been for two years now. It’s just that they [Valve] in the summer before ESL One Berlin Major 2023, when *** huge patch, they kind of changed the whole game, added 40% extra maps, but Dota didn’t change.”

There were several changes in patch 7.33, but the most notable was the map update, which expanded all four edges in addition to making other adjustments.

Given the relatively slower pace of playstyle at the time, No[o]ne- believed that the introduction of such changes benefited teams like Spirit. As such, changes should be introduced to ease the task of piercing high ground, he said.

“It was immediately clear to me, for example, that Team Spirit would be even better with this map and with this patch. I don’t know, just by feeling. Because they were already playing this viscous slow-dota skillful: farming maps, wards. And they made it even better for them. You can’t get on HG at all for two years now. I wish it would change.”

After patch 7.33, 7.34 and 7.35 have also brought about significant changes, but according to No[o]ne-, the meta remains mostly the same.

In the realm of competition, No[o]ne-, who plays for Entity, is not a part of the squad at the ongoing Games of the Future 2024 in Russia. This absence is presumably due to his Ukrainian nationality amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has been ongoing for nearly two years.

Meanwhile, due to Entity’s inability to qualify for any of the top tournaments taking place in the first half of 2024, No[o]ne- is slated to spend an extended period away from professional Dota 2.

As a result of such challenging times, the player recently expressed his thoughts about retiring on the livestream of Russian player/livestreamer Aleksandr “Nix” Levin.

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