22, Feb 2024
Dota 2 Matchfixer Sensibility Finds Himself In Yet Another Controversy

Alexander “Sensibility” Filatov, a well-known match-fixer and bettor in Dota 2, is allegedly caught in what looks like a dire situation. On 20th February, metaratings shed light on the ongoing scandal involving Sensibility. The site backed this up with multiple screenshots allegedly showing instances of Sensibility asking to borrow money from various players. These screenshots seem to be from Telegram and they show the match-fixer asking to borrow money from different people ranging from $200 to $4,000. 

Sensibility made NextUP’s offlaner Vladislav “Petushara” Kozlovsky to lose 0-2 against Chimera at the BetBoom Dacha 2024 Dubai Eastern Europe closed qualifiers.

Sensibility Allegedly Involved in Major Scandals

On 20th February, screenshots of an alleged conversation between Sensibility and an unidentified person was reported by cybersport.metaratings.ru. From the screenshots, it looks like Sensibility placed a few bets using a subscriber’s money and lost it due to bad predictions. Consequently, Sensibility was threatened by the subscriber who is looking to recover his money. Following this, Sensibility allegedly texted various people on Telegram to see if he could borrow money.

It is reported that this issue dates back to 2023 when Sensibility allegedly had to pay off a debt of $800 but was unable to repay it. After a few days, he said he was in serious trouble specifically mentioning BetBoom Team’s Danil “gpk” Skutin and Ark. Some of the messages that indicate this read, “He says he don’t need 3K. He wait 4300 today. Or he do sh*t and I will go do shit against him.” 

As a result of failing to repay his debt, it is reported that Sensibility is now facing legal action and could face jail time if he failed to recover the losses. In the fall of 2023, a former professional player and streamer Leonid “Bobruha” Cherbukhovsky filed a legal case against Singularity.

The message read, “The subscriber went to the police about that lost bet and filed a complaint against me. A man from the investigative committee came to me and said that if I did not give back the money in the amount of 300,000 rubles (~$3249.00) in 15 days, then I would be sent to **** or put in jail.”

According to the Telegram channel a lawsuit against sensibility was filed by BetBoom. However, in another screenshot, he was seen asking for money from a peer to pay a bribe of $200 so he could avoid being thrown into jail before 14th August 2023.

In August his situation reportedly worsened and Sensibility shared screenshots of his family house door vandalized by unknown miscreants, most likely his pursuers.

The gravity of his situation was indicated by another message that read, “I’m in a very bad situation please save me.” and “I will get killed and my family.” He also alleged that someone broke his family house door that very night and calls to the police were of no avail.

It remains unclear where Sensibility lost the money or whose money he lost. However, he made for allegedly threatening NextUP’s player Petushara to intentionally lose the series against Chimera with a 0-2 score at the BetBoom Dacha 2024 Dubai EEU closed qualifiers. by the player that read, “I’m waiting for your 2-0 loss against Chimera or you’ll be beakless.

NextUP went on to lose 0-2 against Chimera but it is hard to say whether it was an intentional throw or a genuine loss. The player however said on , “It seems like I’ve caught a bad hand. I heard that he sent similar messages to someone from the Sibe team, but apparently, no one wants to work directly with him, so he’s resorting to threats. I will have to close my private messages to avoid receiving such messages in the future. It’s especially disappointing that we lost.”

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