22, Feb 2024
Cr1t- Criticizes Dota 2’s New Patch 7.35c

On 22nd February, Dota 2 released its new letter patch 7.35c. This patch saw a much-needed nerf to Meepo and Disperser, that has been plaguing Dota 2 pub games for longer than anyone would have liked. Faceless Void, too, got nerfed once again. This time, his level 20 talent was further reduced to +80 Attack speed in Chronosphere. However, BetBoom Dacha 2024 Dubai winner Andreas “Cr1t-” Nielsen criticized the lack of buffs to heroes and pointed out that Valve had only buffed Leshrac.

Cr1t- Unhappy with New Patch 7.35c

Patch 7.35c saw a much-needed nerf on Meepo that had been plaguing the Dota 2 community for weeks now. However, Cr1t- took to X (formerly Twitter) and pointed out the lack of buffs for heroes, noting how Valve only buffed Leshrac.

He tweeted, “So curious to know how Valve decided to buff like 1 hero in a patch and ignore all the rest of the unplayable heroes, like sure let’s just have Leshrac be the literal only hero to get an increase lmao.”

Gaimin Gladiator’s Marcus “Ace” Christensen replied, “Some nerfs are actually indirect buffs to some heroes.

However, it should be noted that this was only a letter patch and major changes are not to be expected. Therefore Cr1t-‘s concerns could be resolved and addressed in the upcoming Crownfall update. The Crownfall update is expected to be the next major update in Dota 2.

Patch 7.35c saw a buff to a few neutral camps and nerfs to various items such as the Mage Slayer. This was the item for choice for most core players due to its low price and excellent stats but this is not the case anymore as Valve has lowered the magic resistance to 20% and increased the price of the item by 200 gold. Mage Slayer also saw an increase in DPS from 20 to 25 but a decrease in debuff time from 6s to 3s.

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