21, Feb 2024
Ame Says He Is Not As Good As Yatoro Thinks He Is

Team Spirit’s Illya “Yatoro” Mulyarchuk has been nothing short of praises of Xtreme Gaming’s Wang “Ame” Chunyu. This ongoing bromance of these two players has led to some memorable moments in Dota 2 history recently. Yatoro has been vocal about idolizing Ame and has often for the Xtreme Gaming carry.

Ahead of the BetBoom Dacha 2024 Dubai, in an interview with Dota 2 YouTuber Ultimate Gaming, Ame revealed that he the most in the Dota 2 community and even on his carry list at the tournament. However, in a recent interview with , Ame said that he is not as good as Yatoro portrays him to be and that they are not as close as it might seem.

Ame Reveals His Relationship with Yatoro

On 20th February, Xtreme Gaming’s Ame sat down with ahead of the DreamLeague Season 22 and gave a few interesting insights. One particular question from the interviewer probed about Yatoro’s opinion of Ame. The interviewer asked, “Yatoro from Team Spirit speaks very highly of you. During the BetBoom Dacha Dubai, he even posted on Telegram that your Naga Siren was the most beautiful carry game he had ever seen. Are you two good friends, talk to each other, exchange ideas, and discuss Dota?

Ame had an interesting reply to this. He said, “To begin with, I don’t think I am as good as Yatoro thinks I am. I can’t say that we are good friends, in the sense that we talk a lot or hang out. We have a normal relationship as pro players and sometimes we chat over Steam, but that is all.

Another interesting question that was asked to Ame was, “Do you feel like there is extra pressure on you specifically, because, you know, you are Ame, the uncrowned king and everyone is watching you, and everyone has high expectations from you?

Ame promptly replied, “I really don’t think that I am as good right now. I am ok with whatever pressure is put on me.”

Now the ongoing bromance between these two players would suggest that these two are close to each other but Ame’s revelation says otherwise. 

Interestingly, Ame’s Xtreme Gaming had topped the group stage of the BetBoom Dacha 2024 Dubai but was knocked out in the playoffs. Ame revealed that this was due to the team simply not putting in its 100% effort in the tournament. Xtreme Gaming is currently participating in the Games of the Future 2024 tournament and has managed to secure a spot in the quarter-finals.

Xtreme Gaming is one of the stronger teams in the tournament and may secure its first tournament win of 2024 in this event.

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