20, Feb 2024
Commentator Exposes Unhygienic Hotel Condition, Gets Booted from Games of the Future

Games of the Future 2024, which is underway in Kazan, Russia boasts a mighty $1,000,000 prize pool that features top-tier teams such as Xtreme Gaming, Invictus Gaming, and Azure Ray competing in the tournament. However, the tournament organizers are now facing scrutiny after an earlier post from Dota 2 commentator Vladimir “Double D” Vylegzhanin showed the poor condition of the hotel that was accommodating the tournament participants. In the video shared on his telegram channel, worms could be seen on the hotel room floor and he even complained about high prices at the hotel. 

Consequently, the organizers allegedly kicked out Double D from the tournament which has enraged fellow Russian Dota 2 commentator Vladimir “Maelstorm” Kuzminov. Maelstrom criticized the tournament organizers for such a decision.

Double D Gets Kicked Out of Tournament; Maelstorm Weighs In

On 18th February, Double D shared a video of worms crawling on the hotel floor which was occupied by the Games of the Future 2024 participants and talents. The tournament organizers then allegedly kicked Double D off the tournament’s commentary panel, surprising many. 

Following this, Double D made a statement via a . According to the transcription and translation provided by , Double D reportedly said in the video, “Good morning! Suddenly, they found something compromising in yesterday’s videos (they explained to me with difficulty what) and took me off work at the Future Games event. That’s how it happens. Well, at least I gained some subscribers, heading home to Magadan, getting ready to work at DreamLeague.”

He also claimed that the prices at the hotel were sky-high and as a result, he had to eat food at a nearby cafeteria.

Following this, fellow Dota 2 commentator Maelstorm expressed that he was not happy with the tournament organizer’s decision to kick Double D off the commentary panel for exposing such poor living conditions of the hotel.

Maelstorm reportedly , “I was writing a long post about the DD (Dota 2 commentator at the Games of the Future 2024) kick but didn’t finish. I’m just **** upset. Why couldn’t they give a warning if he posted something inappropriate instead of kicking him out? Zanozin shot the stage at Epicenter, and nothing happened.

He further added, “The most important thing is that they didn’t even ask to delete anything. And I wonder, **** are you calling a person if you are so ready to kick him out? And now I literally have nothing to watch because his videos and mugs were the only decent content from there

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