15, Feb 2024
Miposhka Unhappy With Team Spirit’s Form at BetBoom Dacha 2024 Dubai

After a surprising exit from the BetBoom Dacha 2024 Dubai, Team Spirit’s captain Yaroslav “Miposhka” Naidenov criticized his team for its poor performance during the tournament in a with Natalie “NatTea” Mahoney.

Miposhka emphasized that Team Spirit played very mediocre throughout the tournament and even made mistakes during the drafting phases of the games. Team Spirit was knocked out by Azure Ray after a crushing 2-0 series loss in the lower bracket round 2 of the tournament.

Notably, Team Spirit’s 21-series win streak ended after a draw against Xtreme Gaming on the second day of the tournament and Team Spirit also lost its 36-series undefeated streak with a loss against Gaimin Gladiators in the upper bracket quarter-finals.

Miposhka Strongly Criticizes His Team For Poor Performance

According to the transcription and translation provided by , Miposhka reportedly said, “We played mediocre in the group stage, and we played essentially mediocre in the playoffs. Overall, in this tournament, some of our parameters were lacking. In short, we played poorly in some places. We played poorly in drafting in some places, lacked understanding in some places, lacked normal situation assessment, sometimes just lacked proper button pressing.”

Team Spirit faced a heartbreaking 2-0 series loss against Azure Ray in the lower bracket round 2 of the BetBoom Dacha 2024, effectively getting eliminated from the tournament.

Miposhka explained that against Azure Ray, the first game was lost due to poor drafting and ideas, and while playing with this poor draft and ideas Team Spirit was lost. In the second game, although Team Spirit had a better draft and played relatively well compared to the first game, his team made a lot of bad calls which eventually cost Team Spirit the game.

Nattea further inquired about Team Spirit’s game plan moving forward, knowing that Team Spirit has more tournaments coming up shortly. Miposhka said that Team Spirit would be taking a break before the upcoming DreamLeague Season 22 tournament begins and will also start applying for VISAs to participate at the ESL One Birmingham 2024.

The performance of Team Spirit was indeed not at its level best during the BetBoom Dacha 2024 Dubai as Team Spirit lost its winning streak against Xtreme Gaming and its undefeated streak against Gaimin Gladiators.

However, this is only the first tournament of 2024 and Team Spirit seems to be gearing up for the upcoming ESL organized tournaments – DreamLeague Season 22 and ESL One Birmingham 2024 which has more on the line than any other tournament thus far. The teams that secures a spot on the gets to compete in the .

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