15, Feb 2024
Data Miners Reveal Queen of Pain as a Possible Boss In Upcoming Dota 2 Update

On 14th February, data miners discovered a peculiar code in the Dota 2 source code that hints at Queen of Pain being a possible boss in the upcoming Crownfall update. This could mean that Dota 2 fans may be treated to an RPG game within the Dota 2 client similar to previous games like Aghamin’s Labyrinth. This will certainly be a welcomed addition to the game. The source code unveils the design for Queen of Pain’s health bar as a boss. Notably, in an earlier instance, data miners had also revealed hints of Vengeful and Skywrath Mage receiving Arcanas. Hence, the new RPG game could potentially be released alongside the Arcanas in the upcoming Crownfall update.

More Leaks Give Further Insight to Crownfall Update

On 9th February, Valve announced the Dragon’s gift update to celebrate the Lunar New Year, rolled out treasures and a few patch fixes along with banning players who were actively cheating using third-party software. In the announcement, Valve also revealed that its next big update is going to be called Crownfall and will be released in the upcoming days.

Dataminers have since uncovered codes in the Dota 2 source file that hint at an RPG game within the Dota 2 game client with Queen of Pain as the boss. Below is an image of the source code after compilation and the code itself:

Earlier, before The International 2023 grand finals, Valve announced a new hero that would be joining the Dota 2 lore called The Ringmaster. It is speculated that the newest hero addition to Dota 2 will be released in the upcoming Crownfall update. It should also be noted that another Data mining group uncovered codes for Vengeful Arcana and Skywrath Mage last December

Notably, for previous arcade games including Pathfinder, Aghs Lab 2, and Aghs lab 966. This could mean that Valve is cleaning out its old assets for the upcoming speculated RPG game.

Fans should take this information with a pinch of salt since Valve has made no official announcement regarding the release of Arcana for the two-love birds of Dota 2 or the confirmation of an RPG-styled game in the upcoming Crownfall update. However, this new revelation has certainly re-ignited the anticipation for the next major update.

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