14, Feb 2024
Yatoro Tops Ame’s Tier List for Dota 2 Carries

During the BetBoom Dacha 2024 Dubai tournament, Xtreme Gaming’s Wang “Ame” Chunyu shared a list of his top carry players. Ame had a total of twelve players in his list including himself and ranked them all between Tier B and Tier S. The list was undoubtedly topped by Team Spirit’s Illya “Yatoro” Mulyarchuk, a player who has been associated with Ame a lot in recent times. What’s more interesting is the blossoming bromance between Ame and Yatoro. with Russian YouTuber “Ultimate Dota,” Ame named Yatoro as the Dota 2 player he respects the most in the community.

Ame’s List of Top Carries in Dota 2 Pro Scene

with Dota 2 caster Dmitry “NotInMyHouse” Krupnov, Xtreme Gaming’s Ame shared a list of twelve carries, ranking them from Tier B to Tier S. The list was as follows:

Tier S

Tier S/A

  • Lou “Lou” Zhen (Azure Ray)

  • Oliver “skiter” Lepko (Team Falcons)

  • Wang “Ame” Chunyu (Xtreme Gaming)

Tier A

  • Ilya “Kiritych” Ulyanov (Virtus.pro)

  • Artem “Yuragi” Golubiev (OG)

  • Nuengnara “23” Teeramahanon (Aurora)

  • Egor “Nightfall” Grigorenko (BetBoom Team)

  • Guo “shiro” Xuanang (LGD Gaming)

  • Michael “miCKe” Vu (Team Liquid)

Tier B

An interesting observation to be made on this list was that dyrachyo, the carry for Gaimin Gladiators, was ranked the lowest in the list. The interviewer asked Ame why was dyrachyo ranked so low on his list to which Ame replied, “Well, I just think his level is not high enough.”

Notably, Yatoro was the only player on the Tier S list of Ame, sparking curiosity. Ame clarified that he was simply better than everyone on the list including himself. Ame ranked himself in the middle of Tier S and Tier A. He said that for him to rank himself as a Tier S carry, he’d have to compete and win tournaments.

Earlier in the tournament, Xtreme Gaming played against BetBoom Team and Xtreme Gaming eventually emerged victorious. After the game, Team Spirit’s Yatoro in game 2 where Ame played Naga Siren. Yatoro called it “the best carry performance he has seen since last year.” Yatoro got a chance to face off against his idol Ame at the group stage, which led to a 1-1 series draw.

However, Xtreme Gaming was knocked out of the tournament following a loss against Team Falcons in the upper bracket quarter-finals and another loss against Team Liquid in the lower bracket round 1. While Team Spirit was also knocked down to the lower bracket by Gaimin Gladiators, it managed to secure a win against LGD Gaming and is now set to face Azure Ray in the lower bracket quarter-finals.

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