4, Feb 2024
ATF Reveals the Best Trash Talkers in Dota 2

Team Falcons offlaner Ammar “ATF” Al-Assaf, known as much for his audacious trash-talking as for his top tier play recently revealed who he considered as the best trash talker in Dota 2.

Since bursting onto the scene in 2021, ATF has made a name for himself not only through his in-game prowess but also through his unabashed verbal jousting, often leaving his opponents reeling both on and off the virtual battlefield.

ATF Names Two Players Better at Trash Talking Than He Is

In an interview with cybersport.ru, to answer which player was better at trash-talking than him, ATF candidly replied, “Well, Quinn is better than me, it just needs to be recognized and accepted.” Furthermore, he reasoned “I really like the way he flames other players. He’s probably the only one I can think of.

ATF’s claims of Quinn “Quinn” Callahan are not baseless as Quinn has made headlines in the past due to his trash-talking during a pub game but has since promised to reform and has stopped his public outbursts after a public apology. 

The conversation took an intriguing turn as ATF also brought Sébastien “Ceb” Debs into the mix. While ATF was somewhat less decisive in ranking Ceb above himself, he nonetheless indicated a willingness to do so, albeit with reservations about his own standing in the hierarchy of trash talkers.

This mention came in the context of Ceb’s recent dig at Kartik “Kitrak” Rathi on X following a match between Shopify and Heroic, highlighting the ongoing narrative of banter and rivalry that defines the Dota community.

When the discussion shifted towards in-game dynamics, ATF revealed that he experiences the most success in pub games with Duško “BoraNija” Boranijašević, contrasting sharply with his experiences playing alongside Egor “Nightfall” Grigorenko, with whom he loses a lot.

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